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Swedish Massage Mini Spa Retreat                                        

This treatment begins with a face massage using our Honeylift invigorating massage lotion.  Honey is gentle for the skin and helps to improve hydration and exfoliates the skin. The body is then massaged using light to medium strokes to increase circulation and relaxation.  The legs & feet are treated to a Brown Sugar & Honey scrub.  The treatment will leave you feeling relaxed and pampered with soft glowing skin.

  • 70 minutes:                    $95

Deluxe Steam & Massage Mini Spa Retreat

This treatment includes a face massage using our Honeylift invigorating massage lotion, detox oil massage (to prepare muscles for steam detoxification), steam treatment using our steam canopy and Brown Sugar & Honey leg & foot scrub.  As if that wasn't enough, the treatment is completed with a swedish massage.  This treatment is the complete package for relaxing tired and sore muscles, while escaping to spa bliss.

  • 70 minutes:                    $110


Wrapless Spa Wraps & Cocoons 

 Grapeseed Ayurvedic Steam Treatment

In this treatment the body is dry brushed to exfoliate and increase circulation.  The body is then massaged with a grapeseed enriched ayurvedic mud for detoxification and moisturizing.  The mud is steamed to facilitate product absorption.  Remaining product is removed with hot towels and treatment ends with grapeseed infused massage cream.

  • 80 minutes                    $95

Shea Butter Steam Treatment

This is great treatment for dry winter skin.  The body is dry brushed and then a whipped shea butter cream with essential oils is massaged onto the body. The client is steamed for 15 minutes to allow the shea butter to fully absorb into the skin.  The body is then lightly blotted to remove excess moisture.  The body is left feeling soft and moisturized.

  • 70 minutes                    $80

Le Cafe Body Scrub Treatment

Coffee is not just for drinking.  This a great treatment for firming tissue, increasing circulation and reducing water retention.  The body is massaged with a coffee scrub enriched with jojoba/lavender oil.  The body is steamed for product absorption and the treatment is finished with an all natural massage cream. (This treatment can be adapted for those contraindicated for steam).

  • 60 minutes                    $75

Wine & Roses Body Scrub

Spoil yourself with an afternoon of wine and roses that leave your body replete with moisture and deeply relaxed.  Cane sugar, red wine and olive oil are slathered over the body to revitalize and prepare the body for a detoxing steam treatment.  The treatment ends with a light swedish massage with a rose massage cream that completes the indulgence.

  • 60 minutes                    $80

Spa Foot Therapy 


Peppermint Beach Feet Tingle

Time for the beach!  This treatment is aimed at refreshing and relaxing tired feet.  The feet commune with the sea in a soothing foot bath, followed by a stimulating peppermint scrub massage.  The feet are then massaged using reflexology techniques that prepare the feet for the peppermint mask that leaves the feet refreshed and tingly.  All this occurs in our Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair.  This might be almost as much as a day at the beach.

  • 60 minutes:                    $85